Cemeteries in Spring Hill, TN: Types of Burial Available

Pinecrest Memorial Gardens is a cemetery in Spring Hill, TN. We are so pleased with the heritage, accomplishments and reputation in the past 90 years of service we provided to the families of Spring Hill, TN. Our goal is to be reliable professionals who can provide direction in the most difficult of times faced by families in our community while we make sure to have long-term sustainability of the cemetery. Call us at (931) 486-0777 or you may visit us at 2391 Nashville Hwy Columbia, TN 38401.

Spring Hill, TN Cemeteries

When death becomes a reality, there are many decisions for living loved ones to make. One choice is where the final resting place of the deceased will be. Did you know you have more options than traditional in-ground burial at cemeteries in Spring Hill, TN? Pinecrest Memorial Gardens has a full range of choices to help you find the perfect arrangement.

We have choices for the final disposition of the remains, whether you choose cremation or a casket. Cremated remains may be deposited in a variety of ways:

  • Housed in a cremation bench
  • Buried and marked with a bench or other traditional marker or stone
  • Buried with a planted tree (Tree Memorial)
  • Placed within a columbarium or niche in a mausoleum

Casketed remains of the deceased may be entombed above or below ground. We have a wide price range available for our mausoleum spaces. Offering public mausoleum spaces and private spaces, we are sure to have the right arrangement for which you are searching. All of our structures have been built to last.

Our in-ground burial plots can be purchased one at a time or in a grouping. We like to refer to these bundled plots as “family estates.” This ensures there will be adequate space for your family’s needs over years and years to come. Additionally, you can be buried near one another.


Cemeteries can be a beautiful, healing space for families and loved ones of the departed to visit as often as they need. Pinecrest Memorial Gardens has diligently worked to be a unique, welcoming, and tranquil place of rest. Creating this little place of reprieve from the rest of the world is our privilege.

We are proud to serve our surrounding communities with these services. Our manicured grounds are meticulously well-kept. Mature trees, ornamental plants, flowering blooms, walking paths, and more are pleasing to the eye. This place is large enough to accommodate the needs of our area and still feels intimate and quaint. You will be proud to have your loved one here.

Gravesite and Memorial Markers

We are thrilled to offer our clients both low and high-profile options for memorial and grave markers. Our flat bronze plaques can be customized in a variety of ways to honor your departed. Upright granite stones, benches, or lower profile stones are just a few of the many choices families can select from.

Being able to choose a custom marker is vital to the living family and friends. Your deceased lived an extraordinary life and touched your heart in unspeakable ways. Having a meaningful marker is a beautiful way to honor their legacy.

A Place of Permanence

Established in 1952 and nowhere near capacity, our cemetery is here to stay. Grief counselors and experts agree that having a place of permanent memorialization is a huge aid to the living's grieving process. You can choose cremation and scatter ashes in a beloved place. However, the living needs a place to go to feel close to their loved one who has passed.

Consider Pinecrest Memorial Gardens as an option to create a place to visit as you work through your grief. This place is a stand-out amongst cemeteries in Spring Hill, TN. We truly feel it is our duty and pleasure to help “one family at a time”. 

Veterans Are Extra Special

Veterans have an exceptional place in our hearts. As such, we go above and beyond to honor deceased veterans and their families. It is just a little way we can give back and say “thank you” for their courageous, selfless service and sacrifices. With decades of experience in planning military services, we know how to see to these critical details.

We offer these extras to the honorably discharged servicemen and women who have given so much:

  • Burial plot in our cemetery space provided free of charge
  • Your chosen location of available space
  • Burial near other loved ones in the cemetery
  • Flexibility with date and time of the service, rather than an assigned time and date
  • Graveside attendance permitted at the closing of the grave
  • Your choice of a cremation niche, if applicable
  • Your choice of mausoleum entombment if desired
  • A committal service or a non-traditional funeral service
  • Full military honors coordinated and provided
  • Placement of the order for your military marker
  • First flower arrangement provided by us at no charge to you

Tours Available

If you are in need of cemeteries in Spring Hill, TN, please connect with us to get additional information. We look forward to meeting with you at Pinecrest Memorial Gardens: 2391 Nashville Hwy, Columbia, TN 38401. Our staff is ready to assist you with any questions you have. Tours available upon request. Call (931) 486-0777.

Funeral & Cremation

What is pre-planned funeral?

  • Pre-planned funeral plan means prepaying the funeral home for the expected funeral in the future. It involves taking steps to lay out everything related to your funeral and depending on the wishes of you and your family, the cost may include casket or cremation. It's the funeral service. Learn More.

How much does a funeral cost in Tennessee?

  • The average cost for a funeral in Tennessee is $7,775, however, it is possible to arrange a full-service funeral for around half this price. The Pinecrest Memorial Gardens offer a traditional funeral package at a very affordable price which includes a casket (but not cemetery fees). Learn More.

How do I choose a funeral home?

  • Consult your family and decide on a budget.
  • Learn about your funeral rights.
  • Weigh your priorities.
  • Choose the type of arrangement.
  • Get a list and compare prices.
  • Narrow your choices.
  • Visit several funeral homes.
  • Get quotes.
  • Learn More.