What Options Are Available for Burial Sites at Cemeteries in Franklin, TN?

Pinecrest Memorial Gardens is a burial ground in Franklin, TN. We are extremely proud of the values, achievements, and legacy of the past 90 years of service to those we serve. Our goal is to be professionals who can be counted on to provide guidance in the most challenging of times for those in our group, while also ensuring the cemetery's long-term sustainability. Call us at (931) 486-0777 or you may visit us at 2391 Nashville Hwy Columbia, TN 38401.

Franklin, TN Cemeteries

When planning end-of-life arrangements, an essential part of the process is selecting the final resting place. Choosing a cemetery with various types of burial sites can help you find the perfect option for you. A common myth is that cemeteries are only for the buried interment of the remains. However, some cemeteries in Franklin, TN, have additional choices.

Cremated remains can be handled in several ways at Pinecrest Memorial Gardens. Cremation benches are available for selection. These can house the ashes themselves, or they might be used as a marker for where the containerized ashes are buried. Another choice is to scatter the remains in our cremation garden.

We also offer tree memorials where the ashes are buried with a planted tree. This can be a lovely way to remember your loved one as you watch the tree grow through the coming years. We also offer space for cremated remains in our columbarium and mausoleum areas.

We offer the above and below-ground options for those who choose to keep the remains in the current form. Our mausoleum spaces have been built to stand the test of time. We carefully maintain the structures to sustain the integrity of the build. With both public and private plots available, this is a wonderful option for entombment.

Our cemetery burial plots are for purchase individually, or we can sell a parcel of lots together for “family estates.” This ensures there will be plenty of room for your family members to be buried together as the plots are needed. Saving the space for the future brings peace of mind to many families.


When choosing the location for the final disposition, it is vital to think about accessibility. How convenient to your area is the cemetery you are considering? Pinecrest Memorial Gardens is located with good accessibility to the surrounding areas, including Columbia, Mt. Pleasant, Thompson Station, Spring Hill, and Franklin. We feel so honored to serve these communities every day.

Our long-term usage plans are carefully considered to effectively maximize the use of our space while still feeling intimate and tranquil. Our grounds are immaculately maintained. The mature trees, some that flower in season, are an absolute jewel. Truly this place is one-of-a-kind.


Cemeteries often have guidelines for memorial markers and headstones. These guidelines are in place to help families keep their plots from being infringed upon by other clients. It also helps us keep the cemetery looking beautifully maintained and manicured.

We realize how much it means to families to have a customized memorial marker or gravestone. We offer low and high-profile stones and markers with a wide range of personalizing options. We have bronze and granite materials from which to choose. We will work with you to find just the right marker to honor your loved one.

Making a Permanent Memorial Place

Grief experts recommend having a place of permanency to set up as a memorial. A cemetery is an obvious place to do this. This creates a place for the bereaved to go to feel closer to their departed loved one. It can be very healing and helpful, especially on those annually occurring, often hard-to-handle special dates.

Pinecrest Memorial Gardens stands out amongst cemeteries in Franklin, TN. We keep careful attention to the details that make such a difference. Our guiding motto is “helping one family at a time,” and we really strive to do this. This beautiful place has been here for many decades, and we will be here making your memorial site available in every season and condition. 

Special Services Available for Veterans

We have hearts full of gratitude for our veterans. We’ve had years of experience planning military services. We have a long list of benefits to offer these giving souls and their families. As a private cemetery, we have the flexibility to provide some things that military cemeteries generally don’t offer. Of course, there are benefits to choosing a military cemetery too. It mostly comes down to personal preferences.

At Pinecrest Memorial Gardens, here are just a few of the unique services we can offer those fallen heroes or those who have served and received honorable discharge:

  • Cemetery burial plot, cremation niche, or mausoleum space at no charge
  • Your choice of available space
  • Full military honors
  • We will place the order for your requested military marker
  • Your first floral arrangement at no charge

Support of traditional and non-traditional services

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To learn more about cemeteries in Franklin, TN, and to discuss if Pinecrest Memorial Gardens is right for your situation, reach out today. Call us at (931) 486-0777 to schedule your no-obligation tour of our beautiful facilities and grounds. We welcome you to visit us at our warm and welcoming offices at 2391 Nashville Hwy, Columbia, TN 38401.

Funeral & Cremation

What's the average price for a cemetery plot?

  • Burial plot in a public cemetery: the estimated cost of a single burial plot is between $200 and $2,000. Rural cemeteries are situated at the lower end of the range, while urban cemeteries are located at the upper end of the range, as the land is at a premium. Plots for babies and children are cheaper. Learn More.

Is it better to be buried or cremated?

  • Direct cremations are more cost-effective than direct burials because they do not require embalming. Plus, you have the option of holding your body in an alternative container instead of a casket. Cremation is a simpler procedure that often helps to conserve ground space, but not in the case of burial. Learn More.

What are the steps to planning a funeral?

  • Contact the deceased's legal representative.
  • Select a funeral home.
  • Choose a form of disposition.
  • Choose a service type.
  • Choose a location for the funeral service.
  • Find and schedule a clergy member or officiant.
  • Select a casket.
  • Select a burial container and/or vault.
  • Learn More.