Columbia TN Cemeteries - Varied Options for Burials in Columbia, TN

Pinecrest Memorial Gardens is a memorial park in Columbia, TN. We are so proud of the traditions, accomplishments and legacy of the past 90 years of service that has been provided to those we serve. Our mission is to be professionals who can be relied upon to provide guidance in the most difficult of times faced by those in our community while ensuring the long-term sustainability of the cemetery. Call us at (931) 486-0777 or you may visit us at 2391 Nashville Hwy Columbia, TN 38401.

Before you start shopping around or visiting potential Columbia, TN cemeteries, it's helpful to form a general idea of what you want. Maybe it is an easy choice for you because your family has always been buried in a particular local cemetery, or maybe it’s due to the fact that either yourself or someone close to your heart was a veteran and there are veterans' sections at many nearby Columbia TN cemeteries.

Columbia, TN Cemeteries

Facing the death of a loved one carries so many emotions and often requires time-sensitive decisions. The end-of-life arrangements generally require thought to where you will lay your departed’s remains for the rest of time. Many of us don’t realize just how many options are available, even within the same cemeteries in Columbia, TN.

Death can be extremely emotionally draining, especially when you have to make important decisions in a short amount of time. There are many different options for burial and most people don't realize it!

Pinecrest Memorial Gardens honors the unique needs of individuals and families. Our motto is, “Helping One Family at a Time.” We are prepared with several different options, whether you choose cremation or full casketing of the remains.

For COLUMBIA TN cremation, you may choose any of the following:

Cremation benches which can house the remains or mark the location where the ashes are buried

  • Cremation garden for the scattering of ashes
  • Tree memorials, which are a way to nourish a seeding with the buried ashes - you can then watch the tree grow over the years
  • A columbarium to deposit the urn
  • A niche in a private or communal mausoleum for the ashes

For casketed remains, we offer above and below-ground options. We are also proud to offer many pricing levels and options for our mausoleum choices. Traditional burial is a beautiful choice for many people looking into their final resting place. Families can buy several burial plots in a package (we call these family estates). They can also select private or public, built-to-last mausoleum spaces.


Pinecrest Memorial Gardens is centrally located for the Columbia, Mt. Pleasant, Thompson Station, Spring Hill, and Franklin areas. Our beautifully manicured grounds are warm and welcoming in every season. We were initially established in 1952 and now have over 5 acres on our property. Our design is thoughtful to make good use of space without feeling rigid or crowded.

Memorial and Headstone Options 

An important consideration when choosing a cemetery is what is allowed for the gravesite and memorial markers. Your loved one is unique, and many families wish for the marker to reflect this. You may want to choose a cemetery that allows for personalization of the memorial marker.

When choosing a cemetery for your loved one, it is important to consider what will be allowed on the gravesite and memorial markers. Many families wish to have unique tombstones that reflect their family member's personality or interests.

We offer low profile and high profile options. We have bronze and granite choices. Your style can be reflected in this decision with many aesthetically pleasing designs.

Permanent Memorialization

Having a place to go to honor the memory of the deceased is an integral part of the healing process after a loved one passes. If the deceased has posterity, it is also a place where descendants will learn about this special person.

After a loved one passes, there is much more to healing than just the funeral service. It's also important for survivors to have somewhere they can go and honor their memory—a place where descendants will learn about this special person too.

Especially for those who choose cremation, please consider having a permanent memorial place. Experts agree that this helps the living cope with their loss. 

Pinecrest Memorial Gardens is honored to be considered when you are searching for cemeteries in Columbia, TN.

Veterans Services to Honor Service Men and Women

We love to honor those who have served in the branches of the United States Military. We offer all honorably discharged veterans a complimentary burial space. We love to treasure those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

We will coordinate with your other providers and ensure that you have the full military honors that are due. We have years and years of experience coordinating military services. Trust us to help with all of these essential details. We've worked on many of these details before and are happy to help in any way possible!

Families of veterans have a choice of burial in a private or veteran cemetery. It is helpful to know a few differences when making this decision. For instance, veterans are allowed first preference for burial services and may have up to four plots available at no cost while those who choose privately owned cemeteries must purchase their own plot.

Our private cemetery also offers the following benefits:

  • A free of charge cemetery space
  • Your selected location of available space
  • The option of burial near other loved ones within the cemetery
  • The option of a cremation niche
  • Option of mausoleum entombment
  • A committal service or non-traditional funeral services
  • Full military honors
  • Military marker orders
  • Complimentary first flower arrangement

Many veteran cemeteries have wonderful benefits too. These generally include:

  • A free-of-charge cemetery space (typically, you cannot select where this is in the cemetery)
  • Full military honors provided
  • Military marker orders
  • Other benefits will vary between locations

As you can see, there are some extra special services we like to offer our veterans and their families. Our compassionate, caring and professional staff will assist you every step of the way when planning and arranging your loved one’s final service. Consider us if your situation calls for these needs.

Lastly, there is one other service that we love to offer for veterans when we have the chance. For those selecting cremation, we receive a supply of flags that are in need of retirement. Your veteran can be draped in one of these flags as a final nod to their service in the cremation process.

Call or Stop by for a Tour of Our Grounds

When looking for cemeteries in Columbia, TN, we sincerely hope you will come to see us at Pinecrest Memorial Gardens. Consider the many options we offer for the final disposition of your departed loved one. We are conveniently located at 2391 Nashville Hwy, Columbia, TN 38401. Call (931) 486-0777 or stop by to schedule a tour.

Funeral & Cremation

Who pays for a veteran’s funeral?

  • A veteran's family or representative may apply for a veteran's burial allowance (or a veteran's death benefit) in certain cases. These include veterans who have received a VA pension or compensation. Burial allowances can help pay burial, funeral and transportation costs. Learn More.

What do you write on a headstone?

  • A brief note referred to as an epitaph is usually attached to the headstone along with a person's name, date of birth, and date of death. Usually, the goal of the epitaph is to leave a few words of advice, express the most significant principles of the deceased, or summarize a person's existence. Learn More.

Why should I pre plan my funeral?

  • Planning ahead before a difficult day provides many valuable benefits including enabling many urgent tasks and decisions to be addressed before a time of emotional upheaval. Eliminates doubts about funeral preferences and expenses disputes for survivors. Provides peace of mind that wishes to be expressed. Learn More.